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The unlikely coming together of high minded culinary professionals with a bunch of creative anarchic pirates in the most exquisite setting.




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Achieve the perfect culinary moment by triggering all your senses


Big idea

The Carousel of Senses  is a culinary happening which takes you from one mood to the next. From a sexy vibe to a meditative moment, from a romantic ambience to an adventurous one... all your senses will be triggered through artistic creations, high-level entertainment and gastronomic “tours de force”. The Carousel of Senses is made up of haute-cuisine, mood music, visual extravaganzas, exciting aromas, fantasy live acts,…   the sky’s the limit!


Launched during the top gastronomic event ‘Stars, Food & Art’ (The Grand Hotel), the first time event of the ‘Carousel of Senses’ featured Jonnie Boer (De Librije) and Woodstock69.


The last Carousel of Senses took place in Geneva in June 2015, during a sponsor event initiated by the Alzheimer Research. The Carousel of Senses was a tailor-made experience on the evolution of the Alzheimer disease, in co-creation with Woodstock69. With 3 Michelin chefs, French perfumer Laurence Fanuel from Ino sens, live-acts and much more.


Curious about our concept? Please contact Michel Le Roux: +31 6 54323503




Carousel of Senses

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