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The idea of I Love Crisis came in 2008, when our agency Alterego had to face drastic cuts in the marketing budgets. We were then forced to lay off half of our staff. As a tight-knit company, this hit us hard and knowing that we were not the only ones was no kind of  consolation. As a reaction, we decided to get together with the remaining team and try to find a creative way to deal with the whole crisis phenomenon. We shouted at the Crisis, we tried to ignore it (Crisis, what Crisis?) but it didn’t feel right. We then tried to look for the positive sides of the crisis and  the following came as evidence.


The Crisis might be a bitch, but:

  • It reveals what does not work
  • It’s a mirror
  • It moves us out of our comfort zone
  • It forces us to change our perspective
  • It makes us value what we have
  • It encourages solidarity
  • It stimulates creativity
  • It enables us to find ways to do business without money (bartering)


So, instead of trying to struggle blindly on or to run away from the Crisis, we decided to love it!

Check out this interview in De Telegraaf.


I Love Crisis is an inspirational meeting platform aimed at  open-minded entrepreneurs willing to contribute to the new economy while acting with respect and seeking out constructive exchanges. The I Love Crisis website allows you to exchange experiences, tips, columns and initiate new projects.







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