If my company were a dish, what would it look like and how would it taste?



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What makes your organisation and its people really distinctive and unique? And how do you make it visible, tangible and tasteful? By allowing us, together with a top chef, to translate your company’s core values into a corporate menu and a corporate wine.


Why IDish?

Every organisation or brand is beyond only the rational, filled with senses and emotions. How better to quantify it than with its associated ingredients and wines?

IDish offers you the possibility to experience your DNA in the ultimate gastronomic way.


For whom?

Boards of direction and management teams.



Together with Peter van Steensel from the Positioneringsgroep, we work on revealing the true identity of your organisation. For this, Peter uses an interactive game which brings out the core values of your company or brand and converts them into relevant ingredients for a dish. With these, the chef will conceive a menu with you, while a sommelier establishes the correct wine list that fits.


IDish, a new type of business card

The corporate menu will be your key to expanding your communication tools. It will give you the opportunity to allow colleagues and relations to literally taste your company’s DNA. And what about offering your corporate wine, with its own story, as a gift to your clients and relations?


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