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Sjeazy Pearl, the top female DJ on the Dutch scene, is a born entertainer. Music is her first love. She has gone from rapper to professional dancer to becoming an awesome DJ and producer. Sjeazy has performed in top clubs like the Sand, Paradiso, Supperclub and internationally in Greece, Germany and Argentina. Sjeazy has her roots in Surinam and the Native American influence comes through in her unique sound. Her style has been described as soulful, sexy, deep, raw, smooth, funky and sexy house.


Her aim is to bring something special to the audience. This “something”, called “Mohawk Love” means being the last one standing for a universal cause, the empowerment of women. She does this in a peaceful way where mutual acceptance is key and where the music brings you back to yourself and close to all around you.


Because she always walks the talk, Sjeazy Pearl has become more than just an entertainer, she’s a  party promoter.  Her most successful tour is also the biggest multicultural “women only” party in the Netherlands: “I am so into Girl”.


Sjeazy is also an activist, involved in the female empowerment Blieve movement as well as the ambassador for Respect2Love. Thanks to her involvement in the LGBT scene, Sjeazy was one of the official ambassadors of Gay Pride 2014!


So, get ready for some “Mohawk Love”, it’s on its way! If you are interested in booking or sponsoring Sjeazy Pearl, contact us or




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Sjeazy Pearl

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